Make a Video

SentenceShaper can turn your workbooks into videos! A workbook is a series of screens, or “pages”, each of which has its own picture, spoken prompt, and word-finding support. Then, when you run the workbook, you create your own spoken comments  on each page. The new Export feature lets you share this speech as a video that can be posted on the Internet or played on a mobile device.

This is what you do: First, open a workbook (perhaps one with personal photos), record spoken comments for one or more pages, add text captions if you want, and then click the button marked “Export for Video” on the bottom of the screen.

Now the program will collect all the speech files, pictures, and text captions in the workbook, and turn them into a video. You can post this video on an Internet site like, YouTube, or Facdebook. Or you can transfer it (using iTunes, DropBox, etc.) to your iPad.

You may want to visit our Video Gallery to view some videos created with SentenceShaper files.