Karee Anderson, University of Oregon Speech-Language Hearing Center

At the University of Oregon Speech-Language Hearing Center, we were  fortunate to acquire SentenceShaper, following the advice of Dr. Whitney Postman. It is available for all clients to use and is currently being used consistently with an adolescent boy working on language and cognition goals post right hemispherectomy. The  interactive interface and intuitive allow the client to independently record and manipulate his utterances to create novel sentences of  topics of interest. I, as the clinician, appreciate its user friendly navigation in programming and planning for sessions— I have never gotten lost in the program or not figured out what task I wanted to  accomplish. The client loves finding pictures of his favorite topics to discuss and uploading them onto his very own story page. His story videos have been sent home to share with family and friends to show how hard he has been working and how much progress he has made. It has been captivating his attention for 10+ weeks and continues to provide an enriching context to craft and share ne sentences and ultimately stories. It has been and will continue to be a staple in our therapy program!