[Aphasia Center] Chrysa Golashesky, Adler Aphasia Center

The Adler Aphasia Center in Maywood, NJ, provides a wide range of support for people with aphasia, including a well-equipped technology lab, which has used SentencerShaper since 2006. Chrysa Golashesky writes:

“The members who use SentencerShaper all produce some language, usually speaking in phrases. The vast majority of them are very computer-literate, so they can work the software independently. Lastly, they are very open to trying new software, and several of them have purchased the software for their home use. However, they still like someone to sit next to them to remind them about uses of the software and/or to customize words, which is one reason that aphasia centers are a particularly good venue for using the program.

Two members come in the lab specifically to use Sentence Shaper sometimes for hours at a time. One is trying to compose some sentences that he can use when he is asked for some business advice requested by friends and family. He works on them at the center; datejust replica then his computer partner helps him to send them as MP-3 files to his e-mail at home, so he can practice them there.

Another gentleman just sent his son off to college. When the young man does well on a test, or could use a few words of encouragement, he would like to record sentences and forward them as MP-3 files to his son so he can hear his dad’s support.

I have to admit that it amazes me when I look up and hear some of these fellows reveling in their complete sentence expressions. They are very proud of themselves, as they should be.”