Choose between iOS and Windows versions

Both the Windows and iOS versions of SentenceShaper provide the same supportive interface for creating speech in smaller chunks and combining them into larger units. They differ in other respects, as shown in the table below.

Windows and iOS versions compared


*WordFinder: While the iOS version lacks this word-finding tool, the Windows version (the WordFinder) is somewhat complex and, by design, does not use pictures. We recommend the use of picture dictionaries (on the same iPad or another device) while using SentenceShaper if more support is required. Click here for some recommendations.

**Editing tool: The editing tools differ in the two versions. Only the Windows version allows you to add label images to vocabulary cue buttons. On the other hand, only the iOS version allows you to copy and paste pages between different workbooks in the user’s library, and lets you add non-English characters to the vocabulary cue buttons.