Purchase SentenceShaper 2 with Reseller Discount

This page is for resellers who wish to sell an occasional copy of SentenceShaper without entering into a formal distribution agreement with us.

Below are links to purchase the program at a 15% discount. If you have not yet contacted us, you can use the links on the right to do so. (Under “Tell us”, choose “Other issues”.)


    • You do not need to have a PayPal account to use the “Buy” buttons below. Just choose the options labelled “Don’t have a PayPal account?” or similar wording.
    • Do be sure to give us your correct email address, so we can send you the link and your activation code.
    • Purchasing the program as an Internet download: After your payment is processed (within one day), you will receive an email with a link to download the program and your activation code.
    • If NOTHING HAPPENS when you click a “Buy Now” button, you may have a popup blocker turned on. Most browsers display instructions about what to do…for example, look at the bottom of the screen and you may see a message telling you to hold down the control key when you click; or look at the top of the screen, because sometimes the shopping cart opens in a new window, which you can access by clicking a tab.
    • We don’t collect about VAT or other taxes/fees. If you purchase the program on CD, then you will probably be charged these taxes when you take delivery of your shipment. If you purchase the program as an Internet download, you will need to pay any applicable taxes on your own.


Purchase SentenceShaper 2 “Pro + Editing” edition (for resale) as a download:


Purchase SentenceShaper 2 “Pro + Editing” edition (for resale) on a physical CD: