SentenceShaper research grants

SentenceShaper has been studied in collaboration with internationally recognized neuropsychologists at two sites: Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute in Philadelphia (Myrna Schwartz, PhD) and the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore (Rita Berndt, PhD; Denise McCall, MA-CCC-SLP). The program has also been studied independently at the University of British Columbia (Barbara Purves, PhD).

Many of these studies were funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Listed below are the NIH grants that suppported this research. SentenceShaper research has also been supported by the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network and the State of Pennsylvania.

NIH/NIDCD (R01 DC02377; M. Linebarger, Principal Investigator)
NIH/NCMRR (R24 HD39631; M. Schwartz, Principal Investigator)
NIH/NIDCD (R01 DC05629; R. Berndt, Principal Investigator)
NIH/NICHD (R01 HD043991; M. Schwartz, Principal Investigator)


A potential conflict of interest arises because Marcia Linebarger, who invented the program and serves as Director of Psycholinguistic Technologies, was a PI or co-PI in several of  these projects. Therefore, she has not participated in testing or in scoring of raw data in any of the studies described above. No one else involved in the research has a financial interest in the software.