How does it Work?

This page describes the core functionality of the program. For more detailed information, you may wish to download the free trial version,  the Manual and other documents, or visit sections of the website that describe how to share your speech with others and how to create personalized materials. Read more »

The Idea behind SentenceShaper

There’s a lot of evidence that people with aphasia still know their language. Unfortunately, however, their language processing is slowed down – it takes them longer to think of words, and words vanish from memory before they can be combined into sentences. SentenceShaper can help you tap into these hidden language abilities. How? By  letting […] Read more »

Start Small, then Build …

You start by recording a word or short phrase, using the program’s built-in sound recorder. This recording gets linked to a small crystal icon. Whenever you click the crystal icon, it  plays back that recording. This combination of a recording and a crystal icon is called a “Snippet”. Snippets are like building blocks. SentenceShaper helps […] Read more »

Word-finding Support

The program has two word-finding  tools: the Cue Buttons along the side of the screen, and the WordFinder, a separate screen containing words that can be searched by category. The Vocabulary Cue Buttons are the buttons along the right and left sides of the Main Screen in most workbook pages. Each Vocabulary Cue Button displays  text […] Read more »

Adding text

SentenceShaper is designed for use by people who may no longer be able to  read or type in text. However, the program now has an area on the main  screen where you can type in text. This opens up many interesting possibilities… — SentenceShaper can be run simultaneously with third-party programs such as WordQ, which can read the […] Read more »