Word-finding Support

The Vocabulary Cue Buttons along the sides of the screen provide word-finding support. Each Vocabulary Cue Button displays  text; clicking on the button plays the word or phrase aloud. To actually use the word in a sentence,  you play the button, then repeat (and record) it in your own voice.

Most workbook pages have Vocabulary Cue Buttons designed to provide words for the specific picture on the screen. The default set of  Cue Buttons has some very general verbs, prepositions, and pronouns.

The Vocabulary Cue Buttons can be customized. That is, you can add add different words to the buttons and modify them in other ways.

The Windows version (only) includes a more extensive word-finding tool called the WordFinder. This is a screen where you can look for words on the basis of categories (“People and Animals”, “Food”, etc), then record them in your own voice and add them to your sentence as a snippet. This tool can also be customized.