Creativity Tools

The Pro + Editing version includes creativity tools to let you import  your own photographs, add personalized vocabulary cues, and create “talking scrapbooks” that combine personal photos with your spoken comments (that is, with the spoken utterances that you have recorded and polished with the program’s support). These personal scrapbooks can then be turned into […] Read more »

What is a Workbook?

A SentenceShaper workbook is a series of screens, or “pages”, each with its own picture, spoken prompt, and word-finding support. When you run a workbook, you create speech on each page. Workbooks can zero in on particular linguistic structures or help you create speech about your life. SentenceShaper 2 comes with some built-in workbooks. For example, there is […] Read more »

Edit a Workbook: Add, delete, and reorder pages

This tool lets you add, reorder, delete, or modify pages in a workbook. To begin, you go to the program’s home page, where the user’s workbooks are listed. Select the workbook you want to edit, and then click the button labelled “Edit this Workbook”. Below is a screenshot of the home page with one of […] Read more »

Edit a Page: Add your photos and record helpful vocabulary words

This tool allows you to add your own pictures, such as personal photographs, and create Vocabulary Cue Buttons along the side with words that the user may need to describe the picture. You can also add a “page prompt”. This is a sound file that plays whenever the page is opened; after that, it can […] Read more »

Edit the WordFinder : For extensive word-finding support

The most extensive word-finding help in the program is provided by the WordFinder. It is an organized list of printed words. Clicking one of these words causes its sound file to be played, and you record the word in your own voice to include it in a sentence. The  program comes with a WordFinder that contains […] Read more »