The Idea behind SentenceShaper

There’s a lot of evidence that people with aphasia still know their language. Unfortunately, however, their language processing is slowed down – it takes them longer to think of words, and words vanish from memory before they can be combined into sentences.

SentenceShaper can help you tap into these hidden language abilities. How? By  letting you hold words and phrases in memory long enough to combine them into sentences. Once you record a word, you will not have to keep it in memory — just click its icon and it will be played back.

Also, when speaking is effortful, it’s hard to do what is called “self-monitoring”–that is, to listen to what you are actually saying. SentenceShaper lets you play back you speech at all levels: single words, sentences, and messages. This can help you to correct errors, and may also help you to think of ways to expand or improve your utterance.