Start Small, then Build …

You start by recording a word or short phrase, using the program’s built-in sound recorder. This recording gets linked to a small crystal icon. Whenever you click the crystal icon, it  plays back that recording. This combination of a recording and a crystal icon is called a “Snippet”.

Snippets are like building blocks. SentenceShaper helps youto  combine them into sentences and messages.

You combine these speech fragments into full sentences by dragging them to a different area of the screen, the Sentence Row, where you can re-order them, add to them, etc., replaying your sentence at every step. Record new words or phrases to add to your sentence in progress. Finally, add the sentence to a third area of the screen called the Story Row, where you combine it with other sentences to create speeches, stories, or other messages.

Coming soon! ‘How-to- videos in the Video Gallery.