Get SentenceShaper for the iPad

SentenceShaper is now available for the iPad! Click here to find out if it is compatible with your iPad, and click here to see a comparison between the Windows version and the iOS app. Below is a link to the App Store.

Click below to purchase SentenceShaper for iOS (iPad only) ($19.99):

This app contains the recording interface in which you record words or phrases and arrange them into sentences, plus:

  • Therapy workbooks targeting a variety of grammatical structures and eliciting speech on personal topics
  • Add your own photos
  • Share your recorded speech and photos from within the program, using the iOS share menu
  • Advanced tools for clinicians:
    • Create your own vocabulary cue buttons, in any language
    • Create and edit entire treatment workbooks
    • Distribute treatment materials you create, from within the program

How is the iOS app different from the Windows version? Click here for a detailed comparison.