What is it?

SentenceShaper® is an innovative computer program that helps people with language problems to create speech in their own voices. You record words or short phrases, play them back, and arrange them into sentences. It can be used as a communication aid, a therapy tool, or both....Read More

How does it work?

SentenceShaper® is based on a very simple fact: People with aphasia may still know a lot about their language but their language processing is slowed down.

It takes these individuals longer to think of words . . . Read More

Who can use it?

The program was developed for non-fluent aphasia, but the rich support it provides for speech production may be helpful with conditions such as apraxia, children's language disorders, even fluent aphasia. The integration of text may allow it to play a role in reading programs. . . Read More

Grounded in Science

SentenceShaper was studied in over a decade of research funded by the National Institutes of Health and other organizations, with internationally recognized neuropsychologists. . . . Read More

Start Small,
then Build

The building blocks of your sentences are short "sound bites" that you record. By dragging icons on the screen, you order these short recordings into sentences and stories, replaying and revising your productions until they are polished. . . Read More

with You

SentenceShaper® comes along with you in your recovery. In the beginning, it can help you create simple, short sentences. Later on, you can tackle complex grammatical structures, scripts, and web postings. . . . Read More


Because of its rich functionality and flexibility, SentenceShaper can be seen as a “Swiss Army Knife” for people with mild-to-moderate language disorders. . . . Read More

Share Your Speech

SentenceShaper makes it easy to use your speech recordings in the real world! It combines your speech with your own photos and creates videos that you can now email from within SentenceShaper. . . . Read More

Creativity Tools

The program includes creativity tools to let you import your own photographs, add personalized vocabulary cues, and create "talking scrapbooks" that combine personal photos with your spoken comments. . . Read More