The built-in workbooks

SentenceShaper includes built-in workbooks to make your speech practice more interesting and effective. Workbooks can zero in on particular linguistic structures or help you create speech about your life. A SentenceShaper workbook is a series of screens, or “pages”, each with its own picture, spoken prompt, and word-finding support. When you run a workbook, you […] Read more »

The “A” series: Warmup workbooks to practice basic structures

The workbooks in the “A” series are for practicing very basic structures. The “A1 Simple Sentences” workbook trains simple subject-verb-object sentences like “The woman is feeding the cat”. In the “A2 Sentences with Prepositions” workbook, a preposition is added to the picture; for example, “The woman is feeding the cat under the table“. The “A3 BUILD Simple […] Read more »

The “B” series: Workbooks for creating personal speech

These two workbooks are for creating speech on personal topics. Each workbook page focusses on one topic, and the topics in both workbooks are the same: About Me, Movies and TV, My Family, What if?, My Lists, How to…,  I Dislike…, My Beliefs, Holidays and Special Occasions, Music, Pro and Con, A Typical Day, I like…, and Aphasia. In the “B1” workbook, […] Read more »

The “C” series: Sentences about complex pictures

These workbooks are for creating sentences with subordinate “while”-clauses. The pictures show two actions which are related in some way… one action is causing the other, or a person is so involved in one situation that he or she doesn’t notice the other. The target sentence contains “while”: “While the man was gardening, he sprayed water […] Read more »

The “D” series: Short narratives with “because”

These workbooks have two goals: (1) to train sentences with subordinate clauses containing “because”; and (2), to elicit speech with some conceptual complexity (short cartoon sequences incorporating causality and motivation). In the “D1” workbook, short cartoon sequences are presented, and the user is asked a question like “Why did the boy pull his mother?” In the D2 workbooks, the […] Read more »

The “E” series: Blank pages for speech on any topic

These pages are designed for speech on any topic. In the “E1 Blank Pages with Simple Vocabulary Cues” workbook, the pages have no pictures, and the Vocabulary Cue Buttons play very general words such as prepositions, pronouns, and high-frequency, flexible verbs (“give”, “take”, “have”, “go”, etc.). These pages can also be added to new workbooks and […] Read more »

The “F” series: Adjectives and prepositions

These workbooks are designed to train adjectives, and also to help build up longer and more complex sentences. The “F1 Sentences with Single Adjectives” Workbook trains simple subject-verb-object sentences with one prenominal adjective (“The woman is pushing the blue chair”. The  “F2 Sentences with Double Adjectives” Workbook introduces a second prenominal adjective(“The woman is peeling the large blue […] Read more »

The Verb Networking (VNeST) workbooks

These two workbooks are based upon the VNeST (Verb Network Strengthening Treatment) approach developed by Dr. Lisa Edmonds, PhD, CCC-SLP. The goal is to activate verbs and their noun associates, emphasizing the connections between a verb and nouns that can serve as its agent (the one who performs the action) and theme (the one upon […] Read more »