Sharing your Speech

SentenceShaper can help you create much better speech than you normally produce. What can you do with this enhanced speech? Some people with moderate-severe aphasia have created speeches or presentations with SentenceShaper, as described in the “Stories” section of this website.

But even if you are not delivering speeches, the program makes it easy to share your speech recordings in the real world! It does this by creating a video file that plays your recorded speech along with any photos you have added, and helps you to share it with others, often from within SentenceShaper. You or a helper can even add text subtitles for increased intelligibility.

These videos can be played on almost any device — iPads, smartphones, laptops, etc.  They can be used to share your (frequently) more grammatical, contentful, fluent, and/or intelligible speech with friends and family, or to practice a script at home.

The details of how you send these videos to others differ in the iOS (iPad) and Windows versions of the program. In the Windows version, you can share the video file by attaching it to an email or uploading it to a social networking site. In fact, there is a simplified interface within the program that can help you to email the video. But the iPad version makes it still easier because it utilizes the iOS Share Menu, letting you send out your video by email, messaging, Facebook, Instagram, etc., right from within the app. (It will connect to these and other apps if they are installed and set up on your iPad.)

Visit our Video Gallery to view some videos created with SentenceShaper. Or check out the “Testimonials” section for comments about the value of this feature.