Aphasia Resources

“Aphasia” is a general term that covers a variety of language problems caused by stroke, brain injury, or disease. People with aphasia may have trouble finding words, or putting them together into sentences, and this problem can affect not just speech but comprehension and written language. People with aphasia may have mild or severe symptoms, or […] Read more »

The social isolation of aphasia

Aphasia can be frustrating and socially isolating. People with aphasia are typically adults, with a full range of complex ideas and emotions to express. The loneliness of aphasia — which often keeps people from expressing themselves fully, and even from being recognized as thinking, feeling members of society — can be profound. Language impairment makes it hard to participate in almost any […] Read more »

Aphasia Centers

Aphasia centers are designed to enhance quality of life by creating a community of people who are all living with aphasia. Typically, they offer conversation groups, classes, technology training,  treatment, social activities, and/or community outreach. But beyond the specific services, they provide an environment in which language problems are taken for granted and it is understood […] Read more »

Internet resources for aphasia

There are many resources for aphasia survivors and their families online. The following links will open in a new browser window, so you won’t lose your place here if you want to open several of them. A good starting point is the National Aphasia Association, a non-profit organization which works to meet the needs of people with aphasia […] Read more »