Using SentenceShaper for communication

SentenceShaper lets you create spoken, recorded messages in your own voice. For many people, these messages are far better than spontaneous speech. The program puts these files in a format that you can share with other people by posting a video on the Internet, emailing the video, or playing it on your iPad or smartphone […] Read more »

The power of the human voice…how to use it best?

Your unique voice is a part of who you are, and expresses your emotion in way that text or computerized speech cannot. The audio clip in the “Stories” section, from a speech created on SentenceShaper and delivered to over 1,000 people, provides a powerful example of this. Your voice is also a kind of signature that tells […] Read more »

Strengths and weaknesses of SentenceShaper

It  can take a long time to create messages with SentenceShaper. In fact, “turning off the clock” is one of the program’s great strengths. On the computer, you are not fighting to hold onto words before they decay from memory, and you have the luxury to concentrate on what you are saying and polish it […] Read more »

Tips for creating better speech with SentenceShaper

Here are some suggestions for how to use SentenceShaper most effectively. They have evolved during our research collaborations studying nonfluent aphasia. They may not apply to people with other kinds of language problems. 1. Replay everything! Try to replay each snippet (recorded sound clip) immediately after you create it. And replay the Sentence Row every time you […] Read more »