Using SentenceShaper for communication

SentenceShaper lets you create spoken, recorded messages in your own voice. For many people, these messages are far better than spontaneous speech. The program puts these files in a format that you can share with other people by posting a video on the Internet, emailing the video, or playing it on your iPad or smartphone (see the section on “Sharing your Speech“).

Some other sections of the website you may want to visit:

The “Hear it for Yourself!” Videos (click here) provide examples of people’s speech with and without SentenceShaper

The section called “Stories” (click here) describes some interesting uses of the program in social contexts.

The section about “Sharing your Speech” (click here) provides details about how you can use SentenceShaper  videos.

Finally, the section about research (click here) describes studies that explored SentenceShaper’s effectiveness as a communication aid and therapy tool.