Below on this page are comments about SentenceShaper by clinicians, aphasia survivors, and others. Some are excerpts from more detailed comments in the ‘Clinical Blogs’ section of this website,  which you can access from the ‘For Professionals’ menu.

“[SentenceShaper] is so well-designed and easy for clients to use that they truly enjoy using it and often request that we use it during an activity… Most recently, we are using it to create stories for ‘books’ as part of a literacy project. It has been a fabulous assistive device to improve sentence formulation as […] Read more »

“The new video feature is a wonderful addition to the program. I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled [the client] and her family were today to see her video and the Vimeo website. They all had very positive feedback about the video (tearing up as they talked!) I wish I could videotape her reaction […] Read more »

“The SentenceShaper program provides that ‘rush of reward’ to not only the person with aphasia and his/her family, but also the seasoned SLP who watches as the creative language of a complete message emerges.”

Paula Sobel, CCC-SLP

“SentenceShaper is a powerful treatment tool and augmentative communication program for people with expressive aphasia. Members at SCALE frequently use the program to share stories with their peers and communication partners, and email their SentenceShaper messages to family and friends….Their confidence skyrockets when they hear fluent utterances recorded in their own voice.  In addition, their […] Read more »

“… students [in a 4th grade urban school class] were captivated by SentenceShaper’s child-friendly interface, including fun icons to manipulate and pictures of their choice imported from the Internet … Buttons were created to target specific lexical/functional items…. In these ways, SentenceShaper could be appropriately tailored to address the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of diverse […] Read more » 

“This program has not only assisted me with developing my speech, but has also brought joy to me & my family because they have not heard me utter a full sentence for 8 years, but i was able to do it with the help of sentence shaper!  

I actually slur my words, but w/ this program, […] Read more »

“[SentenceShaper] is currently being used consistently with an adolescent boy working on language and cognition goals post right hemispherectomy. The interactive interface and intuitive nature allow the client to independently record and manipulate his utterances to create novel sentences of topics of interest….. The client loves finding pictures of his favorite topics to discuss and […] Read more »

“I am also really excited about the video component.  In particular, it will be wonderful for creating monologue scripts! … SentenceShaper is an excellent choice for home programming as well.  A big problem that most patients and SLPs are facing is the harsh reality that most people with aphasia exhaust their funding for intervention services  long […] Read more »

“The innovative Sentence Shaper program provides people with aphasia a creative and flexible tool  for discovering  their underlying competence in language skills, as well as a means of revealing this competence to friends and family. For a clinician, the use of the program  provides a highly functional means of  documenting the gains in processing ability […] Read more »


“It is amazing how quickly it makes my sentences get better… It is also just beginning to make my reading starting to follow better. That is a surprising. It took only an hour-and-quarter to write this email.  Before this month it would take me a day or two days to make email reasonably readable. whereas […] Read more »

magenta100“Two members come in the lab specifically to use Sentence Shaper sometimes for hours at a time… I have to admit that it amazes me when I look up and hear some of these fellows reveling in their complete sentence expressions. They are very proud of themselves, as they should be.” Chrysa Golashesky, Adler Aphasia […] Read more »