The “D” series: Short narratives with “because”

These workbooks have two goals: (1) to train sentences with subordinate clauses containing “because”; and (2), to elicit speech with some conceptual complexity (short cartoon sequences incorporating causality and motivation).

In the “D1” workbook, short cartoon sequences are presented, and the user is asked a question like “Why did the boy pull his mother?” In the D2 workbooks, the same cartoon sequences are used, but there is no “why” question. Instead, the user is asked to describe each picture and to include the word “because” in the sentence. In this second D workbook, a composite picture is also added at the end of each sequence, asking the user to “retell the whole story.”

For each page, a sample response is played by the Vocabulary Cue Button with the picture of a key.  The word “because”, along with some very flexible verbs and prepositions are played by the Vocabulary Cue Buttons. In addition, each picture sequence has a custom WordFinder containing specific words required by that story (“rainbow”, “cat”, etc.)

Here is one of the 24 picture sequences: