Targeting one kind of sentence

You can also use SentenceShaper to practice a particular sentence structure. The program comes with built-in workbooks for simple active sentences and sentences with prepositions, subordinate clauses, and adjectives. In these workbooks, each page shows a picture, there is help for the main vocabulary items along the side of the screen, and the prompt button plays a model of the target sentence.

If you have the “Pro + Editing” version, you can also make your own workbooks to target any structure.

You may even be able to use pictures from the built-in workbooks, and just modify the instructions and models of the target sentence. For example, the “F1 Sentences with Single Adjectives”  workbook contains a picture of a dancer pushing a blue chair. This is used to train simple adjective structures, but you could revise the prompt so that the target sentence becomes “The chair that the dancer is pushing is blue”, if you want to focus on relative clauses.

Or you could train passive sentences by modifying the “A1 Simple Sentences” workbook, designed to train simple active sentences. For the picture of a dog pushing a wagon, you could change the target sentence from “The dog is pushing the wagon” to “The wagon is being pushed by the dog”, and so forth.